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Capturing Unforgettable Moments!

Unforgettable-Time Rules


1) To join the group, you need to be on dA for at least 6 months and have a minimum of 40 high quality images in your gallery.

Um unserer Gruppe beizutreten müsst ihr mindestens 6 Monate bei DA sein und mindestens 40 hochwertige Bilder in eurer Gallerie haben.

Pour rejoindre notre groupe, vous devez être sur dA pendant au moins de six mois et avoir un minimum de 40 images de haute qualité dans votre galerie.

2) Please read all the rules carefully, and follow these simple Guidelines to Our Folders. Please take a look at the information corner, too.

3) All rules from DeviantArt apply.

4) All work has to be yours and if not it must be fully credited to the original owner(s)

5) Any person submitting artwork containing sexually themed artwork (nudism, fetishism or pornography) will be removed and banned from the group.

6) All media is allowed but strictly no:
- Violent themed artwork (suicide, harming yourself/others);
- Dead animals/animal cruelty;
- Unaltered screenshots;
- Spam links;
- Advertising;
- Similar submissions being submitted the same day;
- Titles not written in English, French, German, Spanish;
- Titles with only asterisks, numbers, random letters or 'Untitled';
- Blurry, low-quality images;
- Large watermarks;
- WIPs;
- Racist, sexist or sexual-themed pieces of literature;
- Group jumpers (submitting your images and then leaving the group right after);
- Any artwork related to My Little Pony

7) There is no racism/sexism, abusive language or abuse of towards anyone allowed.

8) 3 submissions per week are allowed to the Submitting Folder.

9) Literature submissions must be written in English, French, German or Hungarian and will be read over before getting accepted. (Take into consideration your submission(s) may take a while to be accepted.)

10) Work that does not comply to the guidelines of our group or we deem unfit will be denied/removed.

11) When you submitt photographies of people, please make sure, that the persons gave their permission to post these pics.

12) Please do not submitt picutres of babies and kids under the age of 14. They are not able to give their personal permission to do that or do not know the consequences of it. Thank you for understanding.

If any concerns or problems occur please contact an admin:
Kitteh-Pawz and/or Finnyanne

Thank you and enjoy!

*** Rules are subject to change. ***


Information Corner

Hi Folks,

Here are your humble admins speaking...
In this section we like to give some information and pieces of advice to you :D...

1. When we suggest a pic of yours there is no need to post it again. When you agree to our request it will be in. So no need to re-post it.

2. If you have problems to submit to a special folder just let us know. We are not always aware when a folder is full.

3. As hard as it sounds, to discuss with us, why we declined a picture is fruitless. When we decline a pic, we always tell you the reason why and to submit it again, will do you no good.

4. As we recognize during our contests, a lot of fake accounts voted. If we caught someone doing this, the pic will be disqualified. And it will be a pleasure for us to do so.

5. Just for your information, people who do not take our warnings serious, do not be surprised to be kicked out of the group

6. According double submissions. For the fact that Kitteh-Pawz and I are living in different timezones, there can be a delay in accepting your pics of 6 hours. In this time, the automatic notification of a double submittion does not show up, because the pic is not official in the group. So please be careful and do not rely on the automatic answer. Again the notification shows only up, when a pic is accepted to the group.

7. When leaving the group, please remove your pics. We do not support artists, which are no members of the group.

8. When we ask of a pic of yours, please do not see that as an invitation to our group, it just means it is a good shot, that we like to see in our group and which we like to promote, to show it to a greater audiance. To join our group, you still have to meet the requirements. If you do not agree with that, just decline the request.

... to be continued :D


Gallery Folders

Acrobat by JulianRad
Kiutakongas by Laazeri
Essences naturelles/ feuillus by Davvid54
Old creek by chevyhax
Submitting Folder
Admin - Queen's Folder
Purple Passion Flower by Kitteh-Pawz
Japanese Anemone by Kitteh-Pawz
Swamp Forest by Kitteh-Pawz
Cucamelon by Kitteh-Pawz
Abstract and Surreal
Green Goddess by EarthHart
Black Out Days by prettyflour
Seaweed with Koi by brijome
Portrait of a Looney Bird by Phenix59
Amphibians and Reptiles
hi autumn by lisans
Crested gecko by nakkimo
Dyeing Poison Frog by KeldBach
Tree frog by BetaDraconis
The Eye by brittanyfay
Queen of Hearts by Chuchy5
The priestess of Amon-ra by Chuchy5
Pearl making by JustACapharnaum
Aquatic Life
Maymont Sturgeon by faolruadh
the jellies by prettyflour
I met a starfish today by gigi50
Koi Dance by brittanyfay
Architecture, Statues and Cityscapes
Castle of Edinbourgh II by Nileyy
Dark Halls XIV by Iron-Eye
One Man's Prison by organicvision
the gardens by holy-wood
Hello by ratinrage
Bear by vinayan
Polar bear without snow and ice by Berlin-Steglitz
Baby Bears by RocksRose
Bees and Alike
hardworking by 27darkroses
Bee time by albatros1
Hoverfly by Kuvailija
Just Bee Cause by SomeBlueFlower
High Above The Cemetery by Estruda
Superman Meets Chickie by Innocentium
Silvereye 5369 by DPasschier
Not sure if serious... by DominikaAniola
Birds of Prey
Andean condor IV by AlejandroCastillo
Piercing Eyes by LewiARTs
Griffon Vulture by Berlin-Steglitz
Snow owl by Berlin-Steglitz
Gateshead Millennium Bridge 9 by Gatesigirl
Gateshead Millennium Bridge 8 by Gatesigirl
Exploring Kinderdijk by TomazKlemensak
There was a city on the river by AfarAtwa
Butterflies and Moths
Diamonds: Six by WhiteBoneDemon
Loving you by Stilleschrei
Buckeye by Laur720
Amazing creatures by Akxiv
Je Suis Charlie 02 by annewipf
friday the 13th by eperlekvar
... a light shines through ... by FlowerOfTheForest
Fraternite by hubert61
Chibis and Alike
Not afraid of shadows by RubintheHorse
School Girl IV by Chaossian-Blur
Jiko - Spectrum by MikuLeRoux
Firefly Keeper by Radittz
Summer Impressions 84 by Clu-art
cute animals we see by Zawij
Adopts 4  CLOSED by Broyam
Doctor Who Art Alley Compilation by AshleyWass
As we wander like ghosts by JustACapharnaum
Where Earth Meets Sky by Metal-Bender
Dreams That You Dare to Dream by Metal-Bender
Sky Flyers by Metal-Bender
Zelda Twilight Princess Cosplay by LayzeMichelle
Cardcaptor Sakura - Sakura x Syaoran by Xeno-Photography
Kitana from MK X cosplay by Nemu013
Mondaiji - Kuro Usagi by Xeno-Photography
Spring Welcoming Comitee by WildberryPassion
Nature 1 by EvaArtist by EvaArtist
Again and Again by mitdemadlerimherzen
Crocus 20 by FloraLoveNL
A coeur ouvert by Davvid54
Daisy and the big wide world by LewiARTs
White Flower by MrDucky97
Plein les yeux by Davvid54
Spring by sarahbuhr
Blossom 32 by wuestenbrand
Daffodil Wallpaper by ejkaull
Sattelite by SaraPereiraArt
Summer Impressions 86 by Clu-art
Tubular by irrlicht71
Tatton Park Flowers - Dahlia by Okavanga
Red Dahlia by MYPeanutGallery
The Greatest. by OliviaMichalski
I want to fly away by TheDewdropFairy
Seed by fotografka
Gone with the Wind by DrAndrei
Digital Art
Water Source by lucid-light
Peaceful Seas by loloalien
I Hate Myself For Loving You by loloalien
Julia Unleashed by Velvet--Glove
Digital Art - Animals
Hascul by Sevil-s
Lion Doodle Finished! by Noctualis
Light Study by Meorow
Fairy Mounts by MilicaClk
Digital Art - 3D
Simulator by faroutsider
Reflections Of Light by Joe-Maccer
RPG Archetypes Mage by Linwelly
1970  Lotus Super Seven II by melkorius
Digital Art - Landscapes
Foreign Lands (timelapse video) by iDaisan
Mystical Homecoming by LordDoomhammer
speedpaint studies #4 by RiseUndead
Sky by elleneth
Digital Art - People
Loyalty of Kin by perditionxroad
Saber Alter by Wasabi78
BORDERS in architecture by Zawij
Assassin Fortress by GutsBerserk
Digital Art - Wallpapers
Dragons over Liesel City by ValentiniaK
Glowing Hearts Wallpaper by allison731
Space Elevator Space Colony by ValentiniaK
Digital Drawings and Paintings
championx91 Tip Jar 2016 by Championx91
Yeshim by Aoleev
Dragon Chronicles - Shadow Dragon by RobertCrescenzio
My oldest nightmare by Reicheran
Domestic Cats
Chess players by Daykiney
In my eyes. by Phototubby
Curtis keyboard 3.2 by marshwood
Flossie by awjay
Domestic Dogs
Chillin' at the Beach by boogster11
Ziggi II by Yuukon
Bubbles! #2 by Gosix93
Bubbles! #1 by Gosix93
Ducks and Geese
Goslings by Kei2000
Young Wood Duck Drake by MightyMavrick
Ducks by shilaktit
Let's fly, let's fly away... by TheLittleMaja
Exotic Animals
Silent watcher by Sara-Roth
Upright by ZaraaLeanne
Meerkat by ZaraaLeanne
Guckguck by AnNacht
Exotic Birds
hide and seek by frechdachs90
White-throated kingfisher by BlueLunarRose
Baby Hummingbird II by StephGabler
Coco IX by Yuukon
Farm Animals
Lambs by Yanagl
Hold Still, Chickies by Innocentium
Wild Rooster by JKase911
Icelandic horse laughs at you by MirachRavaia
Dress *golden peach* by TheTailorwitch
Rustic Sunflowers scarf by MinkuLul
Old Sneakers by VBmonkey26
Lavender Fuji Wisteria Kanzashi 262 by japanesesilkflowers
Feathers, Shells and Stones
Glacier 15 by IGhengisKhanI
Sunday by ashleyDcrouse
Shattered by gigi50
A trio on a duo by gigi50
Flowers and Blossoms
Golden Points by DevchonkaLucky
aster 1 by artmobe
Stand Alone by tawunap159
White Autumn... by FeliFee
Food of Nature
Hawthorn by TheDewdropFairy
Autumn Is Here! by VBmonkey26
Corn by VBmonkey26
Red gooseberry by Kei2000
Food That Spoils Your Diet
The most healthy chocolate dessert ever! by SunnySpring
Seared Scallops with Black Walnut Pesto by chef-chad
Broccoli Rabe with Sausage by chef-chad
The Baker by Sergiba
Forest and Trees
ABBOTSBURY GARDENS by major-holdups
Essences naturelles/ feuillus by Davvid54
Changing the woods by seianti
Esprit Errant by phoenixfeatherxlight
Forest Animals
Buffalos Display at Buffalo Bill Cody Museum by Trisaw1
Deer by Berlin-Steglitz
Mule deer in Canola by JestePhotography
What? by RaisedFists
Forget me not by fruitpunch1
Forget Me Nots by Michawolf13
Vergissmeinnicht 2 by Michawolf13
Fragile by MarsiaMS
Foxglove 2 by JJPoatree
Home of the faerie 2 by Melusine8
one-two by blue-creek-apartment
Towering High by DrewGuitarMan
Fractal Edits
Whirlwind Romance by poca2hontas
The fly on your wall by ivankorsario
Rare days by ivankorsario
Lola Flores La Faraona by ivankorsario
Fungi and Plants
Random Mushroom by Cheryona
Delosperma Echinatum by FranticMezmer
Peperomia Piccolo Panda by FranticMezmer
Mushroom by iriscup
Graffiti and Street Artwork
Building Mural by xJBIRDx
Awesome ICH GRC0138 6-8-16 by eyepilot13
I Missed You by NataliaRak
some hdr on my city streets by ssabbath
Hints and Tricks
Create an Illusory World with Abstract Composition by MariaSemelevich
Acrylic Forest Love - Exclusive Premade Stock by somadjinn
Fall Harvest by StephGabler
Happy Easter! by andi40
Baby Pumpkins by StephGabler
The Sisters by Zorodora
Traubenhyazinthe 2 by Martina-WW
Hyazinthe by Martina-WW
Hyazinthe 2 by Martina-WW
Locust by MilenaKalias
Shieldbug - Picromerus bidens by Mendipman
the world in our sight by kaoru-kamiya
banana slug by wam17
One of a kind wire wrapped Labradorite pendant by artual
Keeper of Carnutian forest_bracelet by OwlPolaris
Wooden Jewelry Set by liliumwings
Layered glow! by ArchandSoul
Knick Knacks
Jakuzure Nonon by NikitaOwO
Fire Spirit dragon nest by rosepeonie
Miniature Atlanta by flowerhippie22
Targ staroci by Kei2000
On the lake... by Csipesz
Margaret Lake (WAB2682) by WayneBenedet
Colors of life by GregKmk
Bloody Sunrise by GregKmk
Eternal valley by Trichardsen
Kastellet. by holy-wood
beautiful sLOVEnia by VBmonkey26
Mandlwand by MarvinDiehl
Lilacs by MYPeanutGallery
Lilac by OV-art
a r o m a t i c by creativemikey
Lilac by dorolain
Lilies and Alike
Water lilies.. and a friend by BlueLunarRose
Lily by ZaraaLeanne
In Heaven by Tindomiel-Heriroquen
fire-bird by blue-creek-apartment
Moon Fluff by C1nderellaMan
m o r n i n g by MateuszPisarski
Setting Sail by Phenix59
Let the Mind flow. by OliviaMichalski
Dancing Lightly by Phenix59
Stop the Lies! by KeldBach
Kissing Place by Angelus-Fallen
Love over gold by Satorstar
Spoken Words by AshiharaLover
Andreas Dorner by newdawn84
Denis Schmidt by newdawn84
Chris Cain by newdawn84
Shawn's Wasteland Songs by DiamonEyes
Cattleya glory by FranticMezmer
Cattleya freckles by FranticMezmer
phalaenopsis.white by Tegori
Beallara Tahoma Glacier Green E2 by FranticMezmer
Pansy by sara-satellite
Purple Pansies by kevoka
Dripping by Shinynx
Colour my World by finhead4ever
pretty face by Hanabi92
red day by Hanabi92
Vintage love by adtemexi
on the Elblong canal by Rikitza
People - Black and White
Friends on Tour by Roger-Wilco-66
Smartphone Break by Yuukon
Hotel Bar by Val-Faustino
Outdoor portrait. img142, with story by harrietsfriend
GOOD BYE SUMMER  (updated title) by EBENEWOOD
I Ching 46- Sheng (Pushing Upward) by annewipf
Thumbelina by Secretadmires
Web of Gold by FauxHead
Papavar orientale by Blue-Koi
Poppys Sunset by stg123
Summer breeze. by Phototubby
Seed Pod Study by KeldBach
Bunny by Satorstar
Snowshoe Hare 1 by kootenayphotos
Cottontail Profile by TheSleepyRabbit
Foraging Snowshoe Hare by kootenayphotos
Kiutakongas by Laazeri
rottachfall 3 by MK-NI
Grindenbach by Cormocodran15
Old creek by chevyhax
There, beyond the window... by Igor-Demidov
Suddenly last Summer... by JocelyneR
Acrobat by JulianRad
Living rocket (stock) by Calitha-Lena
Petals of Yesterday by barananduen
Memories by creativemikey
Dear Marie-Jo by DamaInNero
gradient by 27darkroses
Rural and Urban Life
Castle prospect by seianti
Table for two ... by seianti
Pergola by Sergiba
train station by betteporter
Sakura and Alike
Cherry Blossom by tawunap159
Torii Gate by tawunap159
Southern Magnolia by MYPeanutGallery
Misty Miyajima by janapka
Monuments of Power by soluti0ni9e
Silent Hills by soluti0ni9e
Enigma by soluti0ni9e
Not your average superhero... by faroutsider
Skyscapes and Weather
In The Moment. by Sparkle-Photography
A Beautiful End by flowerhippie22
August Shadows by NovaMcKnighten
Sunset Glory VI by NovaMcKnighten
Think of the seagull... by cricketumpire
Tasmania seagull by tawunap159
White Wind by AzureWindProductions
Faith Calls Me by Spiritomb1231
Smoke and Fire
Red wine - Hot glass II by AlejandroCastillo
Fire And Ice 7148 by WolfArtistic
Up on the Roof 2 by nigel3
Fireworks 2016 8 by davincipoppalag
Nivalis by Savea
Spring will soon be here..I hope! by clochartist-photo
Last Drops of Snow by Clu-art
Spring by PassionAndTheCamera
Spider Webs Around Plants by DevchonkaLucky
Cold Colours by DevchonkaLucky
where is the spider - 2016 by Bildband
Neglect by Satorstar
Sand Crocodile by Angelus-Fallen
Holy Anders' Cross by KeldBach
back-lit by Nileyy
Succulents and Serpent by Onion-chutney
Still Life
Strange Gourd Still-Life by Artlune
Jukebox by irrlicht71
Midnight Trippin' by VBmonkey26
Origami Elephant by FoldedWilderness
Summer Impressions 85 by Clu-art
Sunflower by ZaraaLeanne
Sunflower Power by Exornali
My sunflower by JocelyneR
Superheroes and Villains
Arkham Knight by jokerjester-campos
I Have an Army by jokerjester-campos
Harley Quinn by AstriSjursen
First flight by starykocur
SWANNING AROUND by major-holdups
SWAN PROFILE by major-holdups
The first lesson of flying by starykocur
Dog Sign Chinese Zodiac by ScorpiiLupi
hello SEPMTEMBER by Angelus-Fallen
hello NOVEMBER by Angelus-Fallen
She Wore Blue Velvet by BeatMaedchen
Lost Time by Healzo
Times Have Come by IRphotogirl
As time goes by by Shinynx
Celestial Clock - Exclusive Premade Stock by somadjinn
The 4 Seasons
The Ice Breath by brittanyfay
M3360 - September's star. by Lothringen
Foggy morning by JuhaniViitanen
Autumn Forest Lake by Pajunen
Traditional Art
Boba Fett by cfischer83
Forget Me Not by Alina-Kurbiel
'57 Star Cheif by nash8808
Eternity in the heart by Althea-25
Traditional Art - Animals
Meditation by IrenaDem
little hooligan by Animal75Artist
Endlos (ACEO) by Woodswallow
Mittens the Cat (Commission) by Ninjificus
Traditional Art - People
Watching the sunrise by HendrikHermans
Jimi Hendrix by HendrikHermans
Morgan Freeman by HendrikHermans
Eyes by Kei2000
Classic Chevy Truck by StallionDesigns
HO Scale Trucks 0007 by eyepilot13
UP-NS MRAP 0081 8-27-16 by eyepilot13
UP-NS IHB 0064 8-27-16 by eyepilot13
Sonnenkind by Hazel-Photography
Purple Beauty by MidnightBrunette
White tulips by OV-art
delicacy by Bastet-mrr
Kvalvika beach by frestro79
By a Cold Morning in April by JocelyneR
Follow your Dreams by nadril83
Aqua Greys by organicvision
Wild Canines
Chili, the Red Fox in the Rain 2 by Nini1965
Regal by woxys
Dark Side of the Moon by Mouselemur
cute young Fox by Paintballer44
Wild Felines
Little Lady by VitaniFox85
Tiger Cub by ZaraaLeanne
Cheeky Cheetah by mattbarber
Who's There? by Okavanga
Hobbiton Party Field by ARC-Photographic
To the museum by seianti
Guess What I Am #9 by brittanyfay
Speed it Up by tawunap159



Donation Pool

We are seeking donations for our group.
The points will be used towards future contests and/or keeping up with our Super Group status.

If you wish to donate, please do so to HERE!

Thank you so much! :D
Hi Folks,

here some news from your humble admins. ;)


It seems that DA just changed rules without notification again. Obviously people are just able to submit one Pic to a group per day, despite the rule settings of the group. Thank you DA for not informing the users about that. You are still make this place more and more popular with this kind of actions.

Therefore... if you like to post more than 1 pic... sent us a note with a link to your picture and we add it via our suggestions, which are not limited.... yet.


We had to boot out some members lately, because they posted nude art. So here is a reminder... In this group nude art is an absolute no go. Members which post such stuff are booted out at once. And we do not discuss about it.


Please be aware that we do not accept pictures of underaged children, too. There were a lot of submission of them during the last weeks. Please re-read the rules before posting your pics.


The same is with the DA watermarks. We do not accept pics with it. Sometimes one slipps through but it will be removed by us when we are aware of it.

And finaly ...

Thank you for being a member of this group. We are both proud of that we have a constant amount of submissions and your interest for the group. Thank you so much for it.

Stay tuned and thank you for reading

The admins ;)


Thanks to  Velvet--Glove we have an update to what is going on.

"   Hi There,

   Thanks for your inquiry. I'm afraid this isn't a bug but rather an attempt to reduce group spam on site. Each member of a group is now only able to add up to 10 deviations to the group per day depending on your group's settings. Our data shows it was very rare for individual group admins to add more than that so the 100 and 1000 deviation options were not in use except to spread spam.

   While we regret the inconvenience this may cause, our investigation shows that 10 deviations per member of a group per day is quite generous. This means you can add 10 per day, each of your admins could add 10 per day, and each of your members could add 10 per day. If you have your group settings maxed out to allow 10 deviations into a group per day for each class and you have 100 people in your group that is 1,000 deviations being delivered to a watchers notification centre every day.

   Also, by clearing clutter from Notification Centres, we hope to be able to implement new enhancements in the future. We greatly apologize that we've found it necessary to enforce such a limit but unfortunately this was a necessary step we needed to take to ensure a safe and manageable groups experience.

The full discussion is here :…

Cheap DA really cheap.

Just as a reminder... Information should be given and not collected
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Group Info

Hello everyone! :D
Welcome to Unforgettable-Time!

We're all about capturing unforgettable moments that cause an impact on you, others and the world!
Please check out our group, and join!
All art forms are accepted!

Share your work, and enjoy work from others! :meow:

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